Peace of Mind for Parents

  • Age appropriate content and automated language monitoring
  • Dashboard with time regulations and activity reports
  • Simple set-up for all games and devices
  • Video highlights with explanations
  • Approve friends and games with strict no-stranger policy

AI Monitoring Experience

Rest easy knowing our AI constantly monitors gameplay for age-appropriate content.

Time Management: Manage playtime effortlessly with our intuitive scheduling tools.
AI Highlight Reels : Cherish and review your child's gaming milestones with AI-generated highlight reels.
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What Parents are Saying

I built the platform I wish I had when my kids were young.


CEO / GuardianGamer

Time regulations? Yes! Time limits are a definite concern.


Teacher/ Mom of 4

Love the idea of a safe gaming environment!


Marketing Manager/ Mom of 2

I like the idea of having closed access for friends that know eachother.


Marketing / Consultant

Fun for Kids

  • Play the games you want with your friends
  • Find your friends online easily!
  • Secure, private voice chat
  • Share and edit highlight reels with friends (only on platform)

Kids game experience

Dive into an expansive world of games - adventure, learning, and fun await!

Sharing Highlights (on the platform only) Show off your gaming achievements and share your best moments with family and friends.
Example highlight reels

Automatically Generated Video Highlights

Kids share fun game reels with friends. Parents can see and engage on their child's gaming experience thanks to reels with subtitled explanations.

Be among the first to leverage GuardianGamer's visibility features to better understand your kids gaming

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