Our Mission

Our mission is to transform digital parenting by offering a trusted platform that ensures a safer, educational, and enjoyable gaming experience for children aged 6-12. We aim to be the ally parents need, providing effective oversight, skill development, and peace of mind.

Our Philosophy

We believe in empowering parents to guide their kids' gaming adventures, combining the joy of play with peace of mind. We understand the challenges that the rapid growth of the young gaming community presents, and we provide comprehensive, practical solutions for parents.

Why GuardianGamer

GuardianGamer is the first of its kind platform that appeals to families.  Kids have a blast playing a wide range of fun games safely. For parents, it's a game-changer: our platform automatically keeps an eye on your child's gaming, making sure everything is appropriate. Plus, you get to stay connected with what your kids are up to, with easy-to-use tools that show you their gaming highlights and activities.